3 Methods To Diagnose A Non Working Air Con In A Automobile

3 Methods To Diagnose A Non Working Air Con In A Automobile

If your fan stops blowing on one pace however works on one other, then you have a nasty blower motor resistor. Those are additionally relatively easily to exchange in your automotive with simple tools and a little analysis. Fortunately, your air conditioner not blowing is a typical drawback and a comparatively easy repair without having to deliver your automotive to the restore shop. If you might be really getting no air from the ventilation system in your automotive, you won’t have a problem along with your air-con system at all! If you’re getting air to blow but it’s not getting cold, that’s a different downside but hopefully nonetheless an easy repair.

Your downside might be caused by a leak in one of many vacuum hoses hooked up to the actuators or a broken verify valve somewhere within the system. It could assist to find a wiring diagram in your truck as you’re going through the method that will help you hold track of what you’ve already checked. Your AC only working on high probably has to do with the blower motor resistor. It controls the speed of your fan and if it brakes it’ll only work on excessive. Try replacing that resistor first to see when you regain management of the fan speeds.

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The first reason why your AC isn’t blowing cool air is as a result of it needs a freon recharge. When there isn’t sufficient freon, the air conditioner’s clucth received’t come on, which may even have an effect on the compressor from biking. Another cause why your air conditioner is only blowing heat air is as a result of the condenser is damaged.

  • If the automobile is rear wheel drive and has a mechanical fan look to see if the fan is “freewheeling” which is a sign of the fan clutch being unhealthy and needing replacement.
  • The Dodge owner’s manual contradicts this and exhibits no 10 amp fuse for the purpose of a blower relay, inside the junction box.
  • It might additionally indicate a significant part might be in failure.
  • Your air conditioner might also have issues if the system has some kind of blockage.
  • If you are experiencing a weak drive, then it would be best to check your automotive’s cabin air filter and make sure there may be nothing obstructing the airway.

The system does comprise a slight amount of oil which could be expelled whereas discharging. Examine the entrance seal and the o-ring sealings on the pressure switches if you have them on the back of your compressor. Check the Schrader Valves and look for pinholes in the condenser. Also, look at the realm where condensation drains from the evaporator with a UV light. If the compressor’s clutch isn’t participating, use a voltmeter to verify the amount of voltage making it to the compressor.

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You are additionally less more likely to be taken advantage of at a restore store when you already know why your AC just isn’t working. It feels like the issue is actually not together with your AC system, however together with your air flow system. There are a series of doors and flaps contained in the vents in your Jeep that control which vent the air blows out of and whether or not it goes over the cooling coils, the heater core, or each. I imagine in your jeep these doorways and flaps are literally managed by actuators that get their motive force from vacuum from your engine.

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